Gene therapy

Gene therapy

Of course treating erectile dysfunction you can take Viagra or cialis online (, but there is a new and very progressive ED therapy meaning that genes producing products needed for a proper function will be delivered into the penile tissue. These products are known as proteins and they can improve erectile function. Still this is experimental model, which is applied in animals only and it will take some time to carry on human studies and approve it officially.

What do we know about ED mechanism?

It is well known that erection happens when blood fills in the penis. All the processes connected with the expected reaction are possible thanks to correspondent nerves and nitric oxide mostly. If something prevents these regulators from fulfilling their functions, the erectile dysfunction occurs and a man is not able to have and maintain an erection.

If a man is not able to get erection occasionally – it is normal. Usually such a failure does not mean a serious health problem. Though when this reaction is frequent, then it should be regarded as a bad sign and needs to be investigated. Perhaps the reason is just stress or tiredness, but also it can be an early symptom of a deviation that demands medical intervention. In any case you should talk to a doctor and get a professional consultation if you have frequent erectile dysfunction. If a doctor discovers a psychological cause, you are expected to change your life style. But if there is a physical reason, you should turn to the correspondent specialist and start treatment. Such health conditions as diabetes, overweight, nerve damage, heart disease can lead to ED. Even healthy men can suffer from impotence due to their age. This deviation happens more often with older men.

Treatments with gene therapy

In general gene therapy is developed to treat or prevent various health conditions. The principle of its work includes influencing on the genes, which are responsible for the treated disease. Thus the scientists try removing a faulty gene replacing it with a new proper one. Still this therapy is experimental, unfortunately, but it brings hope. It is safe and effective method allowing to get rid of the disease.

Speaking about ED treatment, more often the research is concentrated on nitric oxide. We know that all remedies taken by mouth also target nitric oxide, the gene therapy does the same. When the reason of ED is damaged nerves happened because of diabetes or Parkinson’s disease, gene therapy is focused on restoring the function of that damaged nerves providing the steady and lasting erections. The animal studies demonstrated positive results in both cases.

There are two ways of delivery: viral and nonviral. In other words the genes can be delivered to a patient’s DNA with use of virus or without it, the last technic is safer though less efficient as the first one.

The oral ED treatment is very effective and comparatively safe while gene therapy has its own advantages. First of all the medications do not impact all patients and have a range of side effects and precautions. So we cannot say that tabs are a safe option for all men suffering impotence. For example those who take nitrate heart medications or have heart disease cannot use most pills offered at the market, while gene therapies is safe for all men. The process of delivery is very simple – just an injection two times a year.

But until all researches and approvals last, you can buy levitra in Australia and treat ED.

Medicines for erectile dysfunction. Effects of Viagra and its generics

Viagra and its generics (Cialis and Levitra) are the main medicines are for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which, according to the pharmaceuticals, are very similar to each other. However, they compete against each other in advertising campaigns.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra belong to the PDE5 inhibitors, which prevent the vasodilation of the penis, and improve erection. Viagra and Levitra have almost the same ingredients and characteristics, while the structure of Cialis is slightly different. You can buy these drugs on

Actually, the major difference between these medicines is that Levitra absorbs faster, and Cialis outputs slower. That means that the effect of all PDE-5 inhibitors is almost the same. It varies only in time of beginning and duration of action.


At the beginning, these drugs were prescribed only to the people suffering from severe impotency, caused by such diseases as diabetes, neurological diseases or side effects of antidepressants. But later Viagra became more and more popular among all kinds of people. At first, doctors started to prescribe it to all patients who have any sexual problems. Then there were the numerous online pharmacies offering to buy the drugs for erectile dysfunction over the counter, and even with delivery.

Therefore, the range of buyers has increased. The so-called “patients” only wanted to be enough confident before an important date.

Basically, the three above-mentioned drugs can be purchased by everybody who wants to improve their sexual opportunities. Producers of drugs claim that food and alcohol don’t affect their efficiency.

Frisky drugs

impotency drugs

How would you imagine a general image of the consumer of Viagra? According to the doctors, the main consumers of australian Viagra and its generics are the citizens of big cities. Now people think and talk about sex almost everywhere: at work, online, at the raves, etc.

For many people, the perfect man is the one who is ready for sex anywhere and at any time. Trying to meet these demands, men take pills in secret.

Despite the assertion that Viagra and its analogs are totally harmless, you should know that there is no there is no perfect drug without any side effects. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are efficient in approximately 80% of cases. Levitra works at very low doses, which decreases the severity of side effects. However, it is contraindicated to the patients with cardiovascular diseases or the ones who have recently had a stroke.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra act not only on the PDE-5-inhibitors and beta-blockers. For instance, Viagra and Levitra also include enzyme PDE-6, responsible for color perception, while Cialis prevents the activity of PDE-11 in the heart, the plug gland and the brain. However, the side effects they caused haven’t been known yet.

Another important factor is the interaction of Viagra with food and strong drinks. As far as we know, taken on an empty stomach, Viagra acts much faster than with eating. But even if you eat (in moderation), the effect comes, however, a bit slower. As regards the strong drinks, Cialis can’t be mixed with them- in contrast to its competitors. But, for example, Levitra can be taken in combination with alcohol. However, the advertisers don’t use it as leverage, as this assumption is questionable: drinking too much alcohol can lead to impotence.

According to the definition of impotence, it is a chronic inability to attain or sustain an erection for the performance of a sexual act. It is evident that Viagra and its generics only increase the blood flow to the penis and don’t have any psychotropic effects. In other words, Viagra is able to increase potency but can’t stimulate your sexual desire. However, according to the psychologists, most men with normal erection don’t have any problems with libido.

Therefore, the smart advertisers do not offer customers to use Viagra for the treatment of impotence, and call their products “playful drugs” (which is why Levitra is painted in bright orange color).

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

ED, which is traditionally engaged almost exclusively urologists and sexologists, now attracts the attention of other doctors due to the fact that there are new possibilities of conservative treatment of this disorder.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction – is a concept that includes pathological. But the diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction” is no longer the sentence, because there are so many methods to solve this problem. It is believed that erectile dysfunction in men occurs primarily as a result of psychological problems, but it’s not quite true. The development of this disease can trigger the following factors:

  • diabetes;
  • violation of blood microcirculation;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • surgical or traumatic nerve damage;
  • addictions: alcohol abuse, smoking, drug addiction, etc.;
  • any unsuccessful surgery complications after surgical interventions on the organs of the urogenital system;
  • frequent stress, psychological problems.


Cialis vs. Levitra vs. Viagra: How Each Stacks Up

Cialis vs. Levitra vs. ViagraThree types of pills – what`s the difference?

All three drugs belong to one and the same enzyme – PDE5. That is, it turns out that the effect is the same, but Cialis has a difference structure. In practice, Cialis structure allows it to act much longer, in contrast, from its counterparts. The fastest uptake belongs to Levitra. It is necessary to mention the fact that in itself Sildenafil, Cialis, Levitra does not cause increased libido and are not psychotropic medications. It turns out that if a man is convinced in his sexual power, libido comes to him. All of these medications have proven many times its own effectiveness in practice and have the approval of official medicine with a certain set of contraindications.


What Is It Better To Do First: Weights Or Cardio?

What is it better to do first: weights or cardio?

If you are trying to guess which part of the training has to go first, here is the answer: the new studies have proven that cardio has eventually won.

Half an hour of aerobics performed in moderation will enrich you with higher levels of testosterone than doing the workout the opposite way. These data were introduced to the public by the edition titled Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.