What Is It Better To Do First: Weights Or Cardio?

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What is it better to do first: weights or cardio?

If you are trying to guess which part of the training has to go first, here is the answer: the new studies have proven that cardio has eventually won.

Half an hour of aerobics performed in moderation will enrich you with higher levels of testosterone than doing the workout the opposite way. These data were introduced to the public by the edition titled Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Is the debate finally over?

No. it really isn’t! The increasing of testosterone can not be considered the only one effect that appears to be after training. The researchers found the contradiction: aerobics also helps to release the enzyme that prevent the muscles from building up after the strength training.

The logically thinking man may think that the big amount of testosterone is awesome but the research hasn’t concluded yet that the significant rise of this hormone leads to gaining strength afterwards. That thought was initially expressed by Marc Perry (who is the founder of BuiltLean and a current trainer) when giving the interview to Men’s Health. He chiefly recommends to the ones who can’t separate cardio and weights trainings, to start with weights to gain more strength, muscle mass and power of course. He finds it to be especially true when:

  • Your type of cardio exercise isn’t cycling, which was performed by the participants. Such cardio practices as swimming, rowing or jogging have a tendency to cause more tiredness than you shape may hold.
  • By introducing interval training, your cardio is made to past mild effort. If you do it initially, you won’t be able to do any lifts at all.
  • You work with big weights or your training generally involves complex steps (for instance, Olympic weights). If you start from the treadmill, you will be completely worn out to do the complex steps in the right way.

But at the same time Perry notices that there are some cases when cardio necessarily has to come first in your training. They include the following situations:

  • You just enjoy it more. It will assist you in achieving the goal. Perry notes, that if a person hates lifting weights first, he just won’t do so.
  • Your age. If you are an older sportsman, you need to have a good warmup before you start the actual training. It will just be more sensible to behave this way.
  • You are on the way of building up the overall endurance. It would be great if you could hold the chief goal in your head and didn’t get distracted.
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