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Losing weight is not easy task. It is much easier to cope with support of professional, advice from nutritionist. Specialist with fundamental knowledge and practical experience knows how to part with extra pounds once and for all.

Nutrition Tips

 Dietitian advice is useful rules for healthy eating that help to reach ideal weight in shortest possible way:

  • By spending as little time and effort as possible.
  • Not harming your own body.
  • Achieving sustainable results.

To effectively lose weight and keep result in perspective, the easiest way is to seek advice from good nutritionist who will help you create individual diet and fitness plan. If there is no such possibility, but there is need and burning desire to get rid of extra pounds, you can use universal diets and dietitian advice. They are able to help anyone to create their own weight loss program, morally and psychologically tune in to stubborn fight and inevitable victory over excess weight.

If person has any acute or chronic pathologies, he needs special recommendations from specialists in field of preventive nutrition, advice from dietitians, taking into account characteristics of specific medical history, associated disorders and possible risks.

Adult Nutrition Tips

World Health Organization has been sounding alarm, as number of overweight people has doubled over past 30 years on our planet. Non-infectious epidemic of obesity is spreading so rapidly that over past decade number of fat people has increased by 3/4. In Russia, more than half of adults have extra pounds.

All of them need nutrition advice on nutrition, counseling from psychologists, classes with fitness trainers and help of other specialists. After all, losing weight alone isn`t easy. It`s even more difficult to maintain achieved positive result. According to medical statistics, only few succeed in keeping normal body weight after losing weight, and most people not only “eat” hateful kilograms again, but also add extra weight.

For treatment of obesity and prevention of overweight help nutritionists advice:

  • How to start proper weight loss.
  • How to make best nutrition menu.
  • What kind of physical activity to do and how to properly dispense fitness workout.
  • How to effectively reduce stress load on body and optimize psycho-emotional state, etc.

In addition, advice of dietitian can help not only obese patients, but also all those who have:

  • Cardiopathology.
  • Diseases of digestive system.
  • Diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
  • Diseases of urinary system.
  • Reproductive health issues.
  • Arthrosis and other pathologies of musculoskeletal system, etc.

Tips of good nutritionist will be useful even with banal cold, because proper, balanced diet, enriched with biologically active substances, helps to optimize immune system and speed up recovery.

Dietitian advice: diets for children

If adults, despite recommendations and voice of reason, can lose weight by themselves, then there is strict rule for children: you must enlist support of pediatricians and strictly follow advice of dietitian, preventive health specialist, psychologist, physical fitness instructor. All together, these specialists will help parents and other adults who are engaged in raising child to draw up strategic plan for weight loss, taking into account age, floor, overweight, existing systemic pathologies, taste preferences, habitual way of life.

Tips nutritionists on proper nutrition of boys and girls should take into account individual characteristics of child’s body and psycho-emotional state of child. However, there are universal recommendations that help school-age children and adolescents lose weight at home, nutritionist advice for maintaining normal weight for all toddlers:

  • Homemade food.
  • Regular meals, in small portions.
  • Balanced in essential nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) diet.
  • Varied menu based on organic foods, rich in micronutrients.
  • Restriction or complete abandonment of products of deep industrial processing, convenience foods, fast food dishes.
  • Reduction in share of refined sugar and its artificial substitutes.

Dietitian advice: where to start proper weight loss

Of course, everyone would like to sleep in their imperfect body, with “lifelines” of fat deposits around waist, and even biting on farewell cake with butter cream or sausage sandwich. And next morning to wake up with figure of supermodel, incredible ease and energy “volcano” inside. However, miracles don`t happen by magic. To lose weight seriously and for a long time, we need:

  • Strong desire.
  • Perseverance in achieving goal.
  • Specific time.
  • Well-developed weight loss plan.

Create a strategic program to combat obesity, help advice nutritionist. Of course, ideally, specialist in healthy nutrition should know individual characteristics of patient. Not all diets, nutritionist tips are suitable for everyone. However, there are universal recommendations that anyone can adopt.

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