Prostatitis Prevention

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Prevention of prostatitis is the best decision. Agree, if you don`t allow ailment to occur at all, then you don`t need to treat it – everything is logical and simple. Today we’ll just talk about this very prevention and tell you about one unpleasant disease of powerful representatives of this world – about prostatitis.

Prostatitis appears in men mainly at older age, but it can also affect very young men. Prostatitis is an inflammation of prostate gland, an organ that only men have. Dysrhythmia of sexual life, hypothermia, trauma, decreased immune defense of body, impaired blood circulation in pelvic organs, hormonal disorders and much more contribute to development of disease.

And since genitourinary system is susceptible to this disease, it can cause not only pain, but also sexual dysfunction in men, which can cause stress, depression, neurosis and many other unpleasant consequences. But all this can be avoided by taking care of health of your prostate in advance. So, what is prevention of prostatitis?

Some useful tips for men

They can be presented in such manner:

  • Exercise regularly. However, if you are lover of cycling, refrain from long walks on bicycle, as this increases the load on the prostate. It is best to prefer walking in fresh air.
  • Avoid hypothermia. Also, try not to sit on cold seats, stones and curbs – this will not work in favor, and there will be a lot of harm.
  • Another good advice for men is not to abuse constant wearing of tight and tight swimming trunks, but give preference to wide, loose shorts. Firstly, it is much more hygienic, and secondly, it doesn`t interfere with normal blood flow in prostate, which will keep it healthy for many years to come.
  • Get rid of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol also negatively affect health of prostate. For example, smoking negatively affects venous blood supply, and alcohol irritates ducts and prostate, which can lead to prostatitis and many other diseases.
  • It is good for prevention of prostatitis to conduct regular contrast sitting baths. For example, you can sit for 3 minutes in hot water, then 1 minute in cold water. Only 15 minutes a day of such baths, and you can`t worry about prostatitis.
  • Try to lead regular sexual life, without drops in one or other direction. For male body, both abstinence and too violent sex life are harmful.
  • Try to lower your cholesterol by reducing your dietary intake of animal fats.
  • Eat more herbs, onions, and garlic. Pay special attention to parsley, horseradish, parsnip, celery. They are best “healers” of men’s health. Also, introduce different nuts and seeds, raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices (birch, tomato, pumpkin), peas, beans and unpolished rice into diet, as well as tap on seafood. This will allow you to maintain masculine strength and endurance for many years, and save you from unpleasant diseases such as prostatitis.

Prevention of prostatitis is not so complicated, main thing is to approach it correctly. And for this, we advise you not to neglect both our advice and advice of experienced specialists, to whom we also recommend making an appointment, for your own health. Good luck, and, of course, health! You can’t buy it for any money.

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